TTE Designs

Meet Tammie!

A US Navy wife, mother and self taught artist who has "crafted" her way around the world.

Tammie believes that the beauty of mixed medium jewelry is the freedom of expression for both the artist and the wearer.

She incorporates a variety of repurposed vintage tins, found objects and sheet metals into creations that are as unique as the person who chooses to wear them. 

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Deb Munroe

Meet Deb!

As a metal artist, Deb finds inspiration from simples like the texture on a leaf, color of a textile, or the shape of a musical instrument. Deb predominantly works with Precious Metal Clay (PMC). PMC is a cutting-edge material that starts as a clay with microscopic metal particles in the clay. After the piece is created it is then fired in a kiln which causes it to harden into the metal you see. Deb combines other metals, up-cycled beads to her pieces which adds to the one-of-a-kind whimsical nature theme of her pieces!


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Amy Fernandez

Meet Amy!

Amy has always loved everything about jewelry- making it, collecting it and wearing it! Amy believes that detail, and hand picking all materials for her pieces vital to creating quality pieces. Amy uses many gemstones in her work that have natural beneficial qualities including balance. She currently lives in Chandler, Arizona which influences her work.

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Sojourn Artisan Market:

We strive to inspire women to be the best version of themselves through personal expression. Create jewelry, sell jewelry, or just wear jewelry. Sojourn Artisan Market encourages you to do it all!

A Sojourn is a temporary stay. Realize our jewelry is hand made by Artisans in the United States. Their pieces may be inspired by a vacation they took or may remind you of a place you once visited...but remember, when you see it, grab it. Hand made pieces are one of a kind and our inventory will be constantly changing!

Please check out our Artist, Representative and Host a Party pages for more information

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