Acara's Jewelry

Meet Acara!

A Graduate student working on a masters in education to teach biology in middle school. Who has put herself through school by her jewelry sales!

Acara, loves working with copper and enamel to create unique wearable pieces for women of all ages! She strives to create pieces that can be worn in all different occasions and are great conversation pieces! Most of her collection is made out of copper washers from the hardware store! Would you guess?

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Green Mum Design's

Taina creates unique pieces of jewelry out of stains steel and then adds natural stones and beads. She finds inspiration in nature and describes her jewelry as fun, whimsy, and elegant!

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Ashton Keely

Meet Ashton!

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, always had an equal love of all things outdoors and creative.

After graduating from Virginia tech with a degree in wildlife science, she discovered her passion for leatherwork. What started as a hobby and a means for meeting her personal product needs, slowly turned into a full time business.


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Margaux Jones

Meet Margaux!

Currently lives in Settle Washington and is a full time artist. She quit her full time day job to chase her dreams of being an artist. She is a single mother and began her business staying up late at night creating her bracelets.

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Rosie Cronin

Rosie grew up in Norfolk and just recently moved to Tampa! She loves to find new and interesting bead stores while traveling. She incorporates many pieces from her travels into her work. These pieces hold a special place in her heart and she hopes that the pieces will hold a special place in your heart. Rosie likes to change her designs constantly and many times only has enough materials for one pair. Rosie’s most difficult struggle with making jewelry is selling it! She has a habit of keep 1 out of every 5 she makes!

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Shandi and Casey McConnell

This husband and wife team create unique jewelry pieces out of porcelain clay and glaze the pieces using their own formulas. They have a backyard studio where all their creations are made. Shandi and Casey spent many years traveling up and down the east coast doing shows. They recently starting selling only at stores when they started their family. They now have two little boys and working in their at home studio allows them to spend more time with them.

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